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5 Common Mistakes that Keep Bonus Poker Players Frustrated… and Poor

Holding back will cost you.  Playing the lowest or minimum bet is a common mistake people make while playing bonus video poker.  The wins are there, but to have the numbers on your side you need to play the maximum whenever possible.  Play small and you will win small.  Playing the maximum credits increases your theoretical return to just over 100% while sticking to that one credit strategy will leave you under the one at 98%.  Don’t play low if you want to win big.

Mistake number two, holding out

Some players insist on rolling through hands in an effort to chase down the better dealt hand.  Holding out for that Royal Flush is fine, go ahead hold out all day if it makes you happy.  In the meantime don’t throw away those smaller winning hands, play them and add that money to your gambling reserves.  Not only is this common sense, money adds up, but it will keep you gambling and in the game longer over the long haul.  That extra $20 bucks you pocketed might keep you in for that next few hands that finally gives you that Royal Flush you are dreaming of.  So play those small hands, and don’t get in the habit of tossing away cards that have potential.

Mistake number three, see the big picture

Always be watching for the bigger picture and the fluctuations in your video poker machine pay cycles.  They are random, but therein exists a cycle and overall trend.  Pay attention to your hands, your wins, your losses, and how often you see a certain more elusive payout like Bonus-Aces.  These winning trends will help you stay in the game longer and not go broke on the way.

Mistake number four, know your limits

You don’t head for the black diamond downhill course the first day you learn to ski for obvious reasons.  So keep that same caution in mind when you start playing bonus video poker.  Know your skill level and don’t bet more than you know when you are still learning.  You have time and your game will improve the more you play, try not to go in to big before you know where you are.  It will save you much headache and heartache down the line.

Mistake number five, not playing enough

You don’t have to be gambling with every hand of poker you play.  Practice with a hand held video poker player and get some practice.  The more you play the more you will learn from your mistakes and become comfortable in every possible card situation you face when gambling for money.  Good luck!!!

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