Five Simple Strategies for Increasing Your Odds Playing Jacks or Better

Rankings and Payouts in Jacks or Better

In Jacks or Better your highest payouts are a Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, and Two of Kind, from high to low.  The lowest payout in Jacks or Better and where the game gets its name is a pair of Jacks, Kings, Queens or Aces.

Scrutinize your hand carefully

Take a long hard look at your hand you have been dealt.  Refer to the ranking of the payouts and decide your highest and most likely win option.  Think about it and take your time to decide on the best course to pursue.  In video poker, a great advantage is the machine will wait for you.  Don’t rush, decide where to go, and stick to your plan.

Paying Hands

Always hold a paying hand, period.  The only exception to this rule of play is discard the lesser winning cards in pursuit of a flush or higher.  Otherwise always keep the winners.  This strategy is something every video poker player needs to learn.  Too many players are rushing to turn over hands in search of the big bucks.  It’s a mistake.  You lose way too much along the way.  Keep the wins, big and small.

Non-Paying Hands

When dealt non-paying hands use the following hold and throw strategies to maximize your wins in Jacks or Better.  Always hold four cards going for a straight flush.  Hold any three dealt cards to a Royal Flush.  Keep four cards to a flush.  Hang on to any low pair, less than 10’s.  Hold on any four-card consecutive straight.  Hold any two high cards that are of the same suit.  Hold any three cards leaning to a straight flush.  Keep any Jacks, Queens, and Kings regardless of suites.  Hold onto any two high cards of any suite.  If you have a Jack, Queen, King followed by a 10 card of the same suit, hold them.  Finally hold any single high card dealt.  In the absence of any of the above situations, deal 5 new cards.

Print this Page

Be sure to print this page of tips out and use it.  Put it next to your game station and refer and review it as needed while playing Jacks or Better video poker. Have fun and win big.

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