Online Poker Tips Used by Advanced Players

Do you want to play poker like a pro? Do you want your opponents to think you have years of experience though you’ve only been playing six months? Here are some high-level tips you can use that will make people think you’re a poker pro.

Don’t play every hand. The pros know to only play when they have a good or very good hand. While it is true in tournament play that you have to play mediocre hands to pay blinds/antes, seasoned players know that when it comes down to it, they only play the hands they think will lead to victory.

Set boundaries and play within your league. Players who enter high stakes or high limit games out of pressure though they don’t feel confident about it are doomed to lose. Along those same lines, be smart before you join an online table. Never join a table if you have the lowest chip count because you would be giving yourself a disadvantage. Experienced players realistically know what level poker they play and they stick to that. This also means that in order to succeed, you will someday have to move past the $5/$10 limit tables and play with the big boys.

Online poker players must have discipline if they are to succeed. Discipline to not show emotion or go “tilt,” discipline to constantly change their strategy so that they aren’t giving any online tells to other players, and discipline to fold when they should fold. It is easier to become lazy in online poker than it is in casino poker because no one is there to monitor your behavior. This means if you rarely bluff, change it up and bluff more frequently to throw off those who may be monitoring your game. You should also be disciplined enough to monitor your opponents’ strategies so you can know what to expect when playing against them. Having continuous success playing online poker is about doing all the little things that add up to a big win in the end.

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