Betting Poker

Poker Betting

The betting in poker is the essential part of the game and also what makes poker a game of skill rather than a game of pure luck. In general the betting size depends on the type of poker you are playing where the most common types are betting without a limit or limited betting. Although in some poker games the betting structure is a bit different like in Omaha where the betting is normally pot limited meaning that you can only bet up to the double of what’s already in the pot.

The betting structure in a limit poker game is set before the game starts with a minimum and a maximum amount to bet and as the names indicate in no limit poker you can bet as much as you like but there is also a minimum bet.

If you are not interested in raising a bet the minimum amount to call a bet is always the big blind or the same amount as the player that have bet the maximum amount before you. If you are interested in raising a bet the minimum amount is either the double of the big blind or the double of the amount a player have raised before you. If you are playing a limit game though you might reach the maximum bet size before doubling and you can therefore only raise to the maximum bet size. In pot limit the limitation of a bet is the total amount in the pot which you at most can double.

Obligatory bets

There are different bets in poker which are obligatory which all players have to pay weather they are interested in playing the hand or not. The Ante is one of the obligatory bets all the players at the table will have to pay before receive their cards. This is normally a small percentage of the blinds and betting amounts. The ante is not used in all games but is normally common at the end of tournaments to increase the total put and make the game quicker and also in some cash games to make people play more hands.

The blinds are also obligatory bets and there is a small blind and a big blind where the small blind is about half the size of the big blind normally. The blinds are only paid by two players at the table – the ones sitting just the left of the dealer. At the beginning of a poker game the position of the dealer is drawn and thereafter the dealer and the blinds move one position to the left after each hand.

The size of the blinds a established according to the type of game played and the reason why the blinds exists is to make sure there are always some money in the pot to play for.

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