Gamblers: What You Don’t Know About Joker Poker Could Cost You Big

Joker Poker vs. Five Card Draw Poker

There is only but very important difference between regular Draw Poker and Joker Poker.  In Joker Poker the Jokers are wild and be used as any card of any suit to win your hand.  This is quickly becoming a favorite among poker players as the wild joker increased your odds of winning.  Always be aware and on the lookout for the joker in this game, he is your best friend in Joker Poker.

Where is the Joker?

Statistically speaking, the Joker has a 10% chance of being dealt to you when playing Joker Poker.  There is a pretty good chance you will get one, you need to have a strategy on how to use the wild joker to maximize your hand and make the biggest win.

What is the Strategy in Joker Poker?

It is genuinely agreed upon that Joker Poker is one of the few gambling games where strategy is key and can make the difference between winning big and losing.  Remain flexible with your hand with or without the Joker as you can be dealt it second totally changing the hand you thought you were going with.  The joker changes the playing field.  For example in the following situations, always hang on to these hands.  A 4-card Straight Flush or 4-card flushes containing Kings, Aces or a combination of the two.  3 cards building on a Royal Flush.  All pairs of high cards.  Any combination of 3 or 4 cards building on a straight or flush.  In any case, if you find yourself with nothing on the first deal but the wild Joker keep it and get dealt 4 new ones.  Your luck can change just by having that wild card in the bag.

What if I don’t have a Joker?

If you don’t have a Joker stick to any cards towards a flush you might have, any pairs, any 3-4 card straights, and 2 cards to a Royal Flush if one of them is a King or an Ace, and King or Ace alone.  Starting with these cards, and with the additional 1 in 10 chance of that magic Joker showing up in your new deal, you have a chance to pull something together.  Should none of the situations listed appear, and you have no Wild Joker, trash all 5 and get dealt a fresh hand.

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