Three Card Poker

One of the reasons why poker is such a revered game across the nation and across the world is that it is highly versatile. Three card poker, a simple poker variation game that is growing in popularity online, is one of these such games.

Three card poker (sometimes called “tri poker”) involves very little skill beyond knowing how to play the game. It does involve betting on an ante at the beginning of the game but there is no back and forth betting as there is in Texas Hold’em poker. The bet is simply suggesting that the player is going to play this hand rather than fold and be out right away. The dealer’s role in three card poker is similar to his in blackjack in that his is an opponent but can not really win.

Three card is really two games in one, or at least it offers that opportunity for you multi-taskers. In the basic game, the player competes against the dealer and bets on the ante. “Pair Plus,” the second game, offers bigger betting opportunities and a sizable jackpot, depending on the game. Players usually bet different amounts on the two games.

Winning is based on probabilities and chance rather than bluffing, strategy or advanced skill. The less probable a hand, the more that hand is worth. For instance, a player who has an Ace-King-Queen in the same suit will win the biggest pot possible because this is the least likely hand to have. Players must have a minimum high card of a Queen to play, otherwise they should fold from the start. The second and third card should be at least a six and four respectively otherwise the player must fold. Besides making these basic decisions, the player simply bets and leaves the rest to the luck of the cards. Most online and casino games have a table that suggests how much a player should bet for the best payout. In short, three card poker is a fun game that serves as a nice diversion to people who want to take a break from more standard poker games.

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